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hmm, just my opion, but the ban system sucks. you get kicked for almost everything. especially in mcmmo servers. the first thing to do be to unban all those baned by the system. not by the moderators, but the system. you say that no one has ever been falsely baned by it, however, no one has ever been unbaned for that -.- or thats what guitar said, maybe test superbreaker in the mcmmo servers, i feel like 99% of bans are from that. also there should be a refund if you have a rank and got baned. i dont want to refund yet, im trying to believe in your good. also the current prison sucks. all you do is mine, return it back to the prison of 2016, that one was what EC was famous for back then, a lot of players have quit because of the reset. like 50%. you cant believe the fun i had in those prison days. :D

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5 years ago by BloodNoon for Improvements

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Funnily enough you got banned for hacks

5 years ago by NxDs