Skyblock next reset.

Hello. On skyblock should be added mcmmo, because there still play people who dont do p2w. And minning will be more fun than /afk for blocks.
Maybe u can set dia block 300, ems 150point and gold 100 point.
There will be more fun on server, evryone quit after 40 days of reset, because if u dont do p2w or grind mine (24h/7) u cant actualy won anything. And there is not fun at all.
And how u saw, this season was so many random players who come, mine their spawners in nether, reset island, mine again, and they desapear and never come back. So maybe u should add spawners like some quest. Like u added /bp u can add /sp (spawnerpass) after some anount of point we dot spawner free.. instead of minning them from nether. Then u will reduce numbers of alts, and island resets.

#10589 - Status: shortlisted

4 months ago by BabyCatMjauu for General