The Renaissance

We could dub this server as the mother of almost all servers. However, based on its previous achievements, we sadly find that some misguided actions have marred the experience for nearly two thousand players. The decision to remove the core attractions, 'Opfactions' and 'Factions,' was made by a few individuals who disrupted the enjoyment. This unfortunate move resulted in the server's most severe crash in the past seven years of my involvement.

This is a message of determination to steer this server towards a more positive trajectory. It's time to recover from this dire situation. I am confident that if we reinstate the main two core key elements that defined this server, 'Opfactions' and 'Factions,' many players will return. By embracing these elements again, we can rekindle the server's former allure.

Let's keep it clear and concise. You are still winning at this point by attracting more interested players and more profits to your pockets. You're not going to say no to more dividends.

Think About It!


#10238 - Status: open

3 weeks ago by 7net for General