Subdivided Drop Party

We all know that drop party starts every 1st week of the month, other people are getting excited, others may not, they may annoyed or disappointed, why? Having more than 150 player in a 4 chunk room makes the server laggy (Even though disable playertoggle) , some may not move, some may disconnected. That's why people are getting angry and disappointed in the same time because they are waitin.. See more

#5128 - Status: closed

1 year ago by NixDis for Global

Discord Points

Playing wordsgame on Discord is fun and irritating. I'm just wondering what's the points used for? That's why I came up with an idea that will make the server Discord more active.

How about giving store voucher for the people who got the most points on it, like the Top 5 players with the most points will receive a voucher after a particular reset. This will make the server discord.. See more

#5127 - Status: rejected

1 year ago by NixDis for Discord