Build Battle Winners

I suggest limiting the players from winning the bb multiple times, so other players can have a chance to win, I noticed that there's always the same top 3 every now and then. But this is just my opinion, nothing personal, nothing political, nothing at all.

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1 year ago by kuukiiii for Creative


add kpop songs on the lobby's music thing ;))

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2 years ago by kuukiiii for Lobby


So before you completely attack me let me explain, I know, I know, I have read the first news (if you'll call it), so discord is the primary forums it said (for now), well, I have been pretty active w/ the past forums, and the opposite when it comes to discord. So the forums actually in the past were a lil' bit drown out as people were more active in the discord rather than here. Like wh.. See more

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2 years ago by kuukiiii for Website

How about...

Administrators/The team, how about trying to close all the last post within the range of page 30 to 100, to prevent necroposting, #problemsolved.

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3 years ago by kuukiiii for Website


Speaking of capes can the administrators allow a mod that can set a cape for a certain player like /cape set MineCon 2016 or /cape set <player name with cape> most of the people will lie about this so only some of the cape will be allowed to be set only the oftifine and MineCon capes...

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3 years ago by kuukiiii for Global