Superflt Survival.

The game mode is unique becuase it allows players the creative freedom of making everything themslef like creative removes the boring part of skyblock where’s players waste their time creating the large flat platforms yo work off of and allows players to choose their method of money income.

Plugins to make gamemode more enjoyable.
-Custom block gens
-Custom tree schematics that replace sapl.. See more

#2805 - Status: shortlisted

5 years ago by KatieSunni for Global

Commands for Various servers.

Creative commands:
/Hide - [Hides you from the tab list as well as players unable to tag you in chat] - {Still are visible thou}
/Unhide - [Self Explanatory]
/Jump - [Teleports self to nearby player on owned plot]
/Top - [Teleports player to top of overhead blocks] - {Slice of life command} - {Building without it for anyone is annoying}
/Thru - [Teleports player thru walls that has an op.. See more

#1480 - Status: closed

5 years ago by KatieSunni for Global