Quest Rewards

Remove quests which rewards money. It doesn't make sense to accept a quest which rewards 20k over one that rewards 4 keys. Quest keys even has around 34.5% chance to give out 15k or 17.25% for 25k (skyblock). Increasing the money reward would be useless since it would be broken if a server just restarted, but generally gets useless as time goes on. Therefore, I believe the best course of act.. See more

#6770 - Status: open

2 years ago by Calian_ for Global

New titles


#5736 - Status: rejected

3 years ago by Calian_ for Titles

/is banlist

/is banlist doesnt seem to work when i use it, I asked our island leader but he said /is banlist works fine for him. When I do it it doesnt show any banned players' name on the island

#2588 - Status: closed

5 years ago by Calian_ for Opskyblock

More Item Filter Slots

I really think Item Filter is helpful but 18 slots seems to few, especially in opsky with all the stuff you can get from gens so I think it should be pretty a good idea to add a few more slots

#2471 - Status: closed

5 years ago by Calian_ for Global