ItemFilter GUI Needs Back Button

ItemFilter GUI could use some back buttons to go back to the main page.

#3316 - Status: closed

1 year ago by Caderyn19 for Global

Plethora of Titles

Omnipotent Omnipresent Plague Infected Virus TLDR (or tl;dr if it allows ;) Viral Envy Envious Enemy Friend Ignoramus Love Trickster Chicken Juicy FireBreather Cobra BlackWidow Jester Dark Sphinx Mermaid Merman Pessimist Optimist Sinful Chupacabra Vampire Bored Griffin Cerberus Warewolf, zodiac signs (not listing them here), Centaur Kraken Leprechaun Sasquatch Yeti GrimReaper

Maybe rp ones? M.. See more

#2370 - Status: accepted

2 years ago by Caderyn19 for Global