New Titles

Add "Otter" and "Ferret" titles, they're kinda cute animals. :3

#10542 - Status: accepted

2 months ago by Meowlody for Titles

Add Fire Charges to /shop

Ok, now taking into account that some stuff aren't in /shop due to them being craftable, now I've realized that fire charges aren't available in shop nor are they craftable, so it would be a nice addition to the shop, specially to add effects to firework stuff. :)

#10416 - Status: closed

4 months ago by Meowlody for Global

Voter badges.

I see this feature is pretty cool, but it'd be way cooler if you could be able to change its color to your favorite one. I don't know if it was meant to be like that so it makes it more recognizable to know what level is your badge based on the color of it, but you can also just hover your mouse over the badge to see your badge level.

The point is, let us be able to change the color .. See more

#8417 - Status: rejected

2 years ago by Meowlody for Global

Prestige Perk for next season

As I said in discord, I suggest to add an autofix perk for prestige, which would only work for pickaxes , since it would be too OP for pvp stuff.
And I know there's already a tool break notification but I think this would encourage players to prestige and get the perk (as same as the other perks), so they don't have to be always dependant to the notification, or worse, probably losing t.. See more

#8323 - Status: rejected

2 years ago by Meowlody for Prison

Dig The Pit: There are so many hackers you can't even get at least top 3.

It's been a month since I stopped playing and I came back just to see a lot of hackers in DTP, which makes me feel sad about how this hasn't been fixed at all, so some people and I were discussing about how to prevent hackers to join DTP and we thought it would be useful if it had any filter like the player should be at least 1 week old or more, since it isn't worth to keep reporting.. See more

#7077 - Status: closed

3 years ago by Meowlody for Prison