Add Sponge to /shop

Please add sponge to /shop as it can be a difficult item to obtain and would be very nice to make building in water easier.

#10362 - Status: accepted

4 months ago by Beyms for Global

Bring back the Event server.

The idea of bringing the event server back to ExtremeCraft would make a huge difference, and as a previous event manager it was one of my best experiences on the whole server. So bringing it back will help involve the community into cool exclusive games, also letting players earn vouchers and rewards. That will help with the whole ExtremeCraft experience.

Bring Back The Events Server!

#10295 - Status: accepted

5 months ago by Beyms for Global

Remove Phantom spawns on Survival

They're just annoying to any player trying to do anything at night, But I also understand if someone needs them they'll struggle if there generating is disabled, Just a suggestion.

#10285 - Status: accepted

5 months ago by Beyms for Global

Add the title Vendetta.

The reasoning for this is, Vendetta is a team on ExtremeCraft and would probably get quite a few purchases as itโ€™s a team title.

#9666 - Status: accepted

1 year ago by Beyms for Titles

Auto Sell On Prison

When Mining With A Certain Rank/Enchantment There Should Be An Auto Sell Instead Of A Villager To Press Or /Sell All. This Ability Should Be A Extreme+ Ranks For The Player To Auto Sell.

Thank You.๐Ÿ‘

#5009 - Status: closed

4 years ago by Beyms for Prison