Vote creates.

I think you should add a chance to get other keys from vote keys. example if you vote u can have a really small chance to get a diffrent key or maybe 5 more vote keys, and if you get a diffrent key maybe that will be a legendary or spawner or op or koth. just any key i guess.

And ofcourse the chance will be lower then anything but maybe not for the 5 extra vote keys.

#8227 - Status: open

2 years ago by 20ffensive for Global

Birthday presents

Hello, I think it would be fun and meaningful if you added a little gift for players on their birthday, like you give players that have donated to this server a little gift like a screenshot with dieu or some ingame items, and why I say just donors is because alts dont get free items or anything like that!
Just a small thought to make someone's day better when they have their special day!

#6201 - Status: rejected

2 years ago by 20ffensive for Global