Wording of /is fly requirements

One of the most common questions: "Why cant I use /is fly? [It says I need to be on my island but I am]"
I reckon just change the prompt to "You need to have an island level of 100,000 to fly!" and only prompt "You need to be on your island to fly!" when they attempt /is fly off-island.

#5818 - Status: rejected

3 years ago by Ruthirios for Skyblock

A new more comprehensive /kit guide

There is always people asking about very common things in chat that is looked over in the guide book. I think we should make a new version with basics on steps in becoming a sustainable island, features, technicalities, commands, limitations, milestone-locked features, etc. I know there are different sources for this information within the game mode but the demographic of the server often skips .. See more

#5817 - Status: rejected

3 years ago by Ruthirios for Skyblock


A command I used to use on a tester server, /math or /calc was very convenient for servers with economies. It might not be used a lot but it's very convenient when the time of need comes. I believe there are already extensions or plugins that implement this, though I understand if having to make an original is too complex. You can even limit it to basic arithmetic following MDAS or to 1e100 .. See more

#5816 - Status: rejected

3 years ago by Ruthirios for Global

Voteparty Notifier

It might be too convenient but we could set up a bot that notifies players who take on the role that allows VP Bell or whatever you can call it when vote parties are about to happen. Maybe set it to 50 votes left or something like that.

#5815 - Status: accepted

3 years ago by Ruthirios for Discord