Upcoming Changes and updates!

Posted by Dieu1 month ago

Servers with GriefPrevention:

Enhanced Control with GPFlags

We're thrilled to introduce GPFlags, a dynamic extension of GriefPrevention that puts the power in the hands of our players. With GPFlags, you now have the ability to set personalized flags within your claims. At this stage, we're eagerly welcoming ideas on which flags should be enabled. Our primary goal is to provide players with enhanced flexibility without compromising the integrity of their claims. Your input is crucial, as we strive to create a secure environment while offering a plethora of options.

Additionally, we've bid farewell to /transferclaim and ushered in a more intuitive system. The retired command has been replaced with /claim transfer [player] [optionalCost] and /claim accept [player], requiring confirmation from both parties. This not only streamlines the process but also introduces the possibility for players to sell their claims.

In terms of bug fixes, we're pleased to announce that Claim Fees are now processing as previously outlined. Furthermore, GriefPrevention's handling of Explosions has been fixed.


Our commitment to improving your Skyblock experience continues with these notable updates:

  • Island Fly has undergone enhancements to ensure it no longer disables Fly upon joining.

  • Fresh Island Flags have been added for ClearMobs, Upgrade, Inspect, and Lock commands, granting players even more control over their islands.

Towny Server

Experience a new level of convenience and freedom on our Towny Server with these exciting additions:

  • TownyFlight is set to debut with the upcoming restart, allowing players to utilize /tfly for an enriched town experience. Please note that PVP will automatically disable fly mode, ensuring a balanced gameplay environment.

  • Embrace the convenience of new Towny menus accessible via /town menu, facilitating smoother interactions with the Towny plugin.

Other Updates

In our continuous efforts to enhance your overall gameplay, we've reintroduced the /sit command, and that's not all. Explore new possibilities with /lay, /crawl, and more!

We're also eager to hear your ideas and suggestions concerning Crates. While your creativity is encouraged, please keep in mind that a balanced approach is key. Loading crates with an excess of Spawners may have unintended consequences, such as devaluation and potential server lag. We value your constructive suggestions to help us shape a vibrant and balanced gaming experience for all. Your feedback is crucial as we strive to make ExtremeCraft even more enjoyable!

Numerous bug fixes have been implemented across various aspects of the system, addressing reported issues from our vigilant player community.