Towny server reset, Factions server updates

Posted by Dieu2 weeks ago

The Towny server has just reset, accompanied by updates to its configuration aimed at fostering more enjoyable and engaging gameplay, including the introduction of both improved Town Wars and a new Hall of Fame system.

The new Hall of Fame now focuses on block values rather than Town money, providing a more balanced and fair recognition system. Additionally, new commands such as /t halloffame, /t value, and /t values have been added to facilitate interaction with these features.

Furthermore, a stunning new PVP arena designed by our builders has been introduced, adding to the immersive experience of the server.

Adjustments have been made to the McMMO configuration, and the Shard Shop and Soul Shop have been added to enhance the player experience.

Factions server updates

McMMO Steel Arm Style was nerfed in order to balance PVP.

We've deactivated TNT spread/velocity and prevented fluids from disrupting redstone mechanisms.

Concerns regarding sand and redstone have been addressed.

Exciting updates are on the horizon, including the introduction of Sand bots for Factions and the implementation of Upgradable spawners across all servers!