Towny Server released, updates across all servers!

Posted by Dieu5 months ago

This marks the first-ever release of the Towny Server on ExtremeCraft. As pioneers on this blocky frontier, there might be a few bugs and quirks along the way. Fear not! We're working tirelessly to address any issues swiftly.

Share your suggestions and ideas. Help us shape the future of new Towny Server and make this adventure truly epic!

Also anticipate the following updates in the next restart:

  • Slimefun Server: Brace yourself for a boost in Bump Appraisals, reverting them to their original values!

  • Skyblock Server: The all-new Hall of Fame has just kicked off—get ready to make your mark!

  • SpawnerExtractors: Say goodbye to mobs that don't drop loot (or only do so when player-killed). We've fine-tuned the "Item Configurator" accordingly and enhanced drop rates!

  • ChestHopper: Experience smoother item pickup for piston farms, specifically Bamboo and Sugarcane.

  • Quests: Bid farewell to old and glitchy quests as they are now swiftly replaced with fresh, fully functional quests.

  • Claim Fees: We're diligently working on balancing these fees. While it's a work in progress, it should provide players with a preliminary understanding of what to expect. Stay tuned for more updates!