Towny, Factions updates... Event Jump Starter!

Posted by Dieu2 weeks ago

We've made some adjustments to McMMO based on feedback! Unarmed is now disabled in PVP, but still active in PVE. Additionally, Axes have been tweaked, and the recipe for Enchanted Golden Apples has been added to all McMMO-enabled servers.

Towny Server

For our Towny server, we've implemented economy updates, including adjustments to mob drops and fixing the price of Cactus. We're also contemplating introducing a Co-Mayor rank and gathering suggestions for the permissions it should entail.

Factions Server

Exciting news for our Factions server: SandBots are now available! These bots automatically spawn sand while you're using your TNT cannon. You can purchase SandBotSpawners from the in-game shop and manage your SandBots with the /sandbot command.

On the Factions server, we've raised the limits for TNT, Sand, and Redstone to better align with TNT cannon compatibility.

Furthermore, we understand that players have real-life commitments, so we're introducing Faction Shields. Faction owners can control their Faction Shield using the /f shield command, while all players can check the current Shield status of any faction with /f shield <faction>.


And finally, introducing the Event Jump Starter!