Skyblock Reset: A New Era Begins

Posted by Dieu3 weeks ago

The Skyblock server has officially reopened! With numerous changes implemented, expect ongoing updates and bug fixes.

Hall of Fame Update

- The Hall of Fame is now based on points rather than Island levels.
- Add points to your island using /is addpoints or the Points Tool.
- You can add any item that can be sold in /shop (adding items to Island Points will affect /shop prices)
- While islands remain intact, points will reset every round when vouchers are sent out.

Shop and Crates

- We’ve updated the shop and crates and are open to your suggestions for further improvements. Please ensure your suggestions are practical and beneficial.

Introducing SkyGrid World

- SkyGrid world is now available for you to explore (or loot).
- Enjoy PvP or free building in SkyGrid, but remember, there are no claims.
- Additionally, Bastions now randomly spawn in the SkyGrid world.

We've also added SoulShop and ShardShop (Shards are also required for upgrading Island), Island levels have been removed since they were essentially unused, as result you can now use /is fly and enter Nether right away.

Island reset limits were removed, but bear in mind that resetting your Island will also reset your points as they're tied to Island.

There's also McMMO now, Enchanted Golden Apples can be crafted and there's one secret mob that drops diamonds when killed :0