Rules Update

Posted by _OnePro_1 month ago

We have updated our server rules to ensure a fair and enjoyable experience for everyone according to the polls we held in the Discord.

TP Killing

  • Disallowed: Effective immediately, TP killing is entirely disallowed.
  • Evidence Required: To enforce this rule, we need video evidence of the incident. Screenshots will also be accepted, but they must have timestamps enabled. To enable timestamps, type /chat to show the time (the clock).

Auction House (AH) Scamming

  • Disallowed: All forms of /ah scamming are now strictly prohibited. This includes scams involving shulkers, renamed chests, and similar tactics.
  • Proof Required:
    • For shulkers containing false items, a full screenshot of the game is needed. The screenshot must include the sidebar showing the current gamemode.
    • A video of you purchasing the item/shulker is also acceptable as proof.

We appreciate your cooperation in maintaining the integrity of our server. Thank you for helping us create a better community for all players.


These rules do not apply to factions!