Monthly Vouchers Return with a Revamped System

Posted by Dieu2 months ago

We're reintroducing monthly vouchers for top voters, but this time, there's a new system in place. In the past, some players found ways to exploit the voting system, hindering others from receiving vouchers. To tackle this, we've instituted a fresh approach: to qualify for a monthly voucher, players need a minimum of 200 votes within the past 30 days. Out of those who meet this requirement, 10 lucky players will be randomly chosen to receive vouchers on the 1st of each month.

Updates in Skyblock:

  • Significant changes have taken place since the reset. Here's a swift rundown:
  • Access to /is fly now requires an island level of 1000.
  • Island level 250 grants access to /is warp.
  • To access the Nether, an island level of 200 is required.
  • We've enabled a new setting allowing players to utilize the "break spawner" flag.
  • Introducing a new Resource Crate and adjusted shop prices.
  • Numerous bug fixes have been implemented.

SlimeFun Updates:

  • Automatically removing disabled items that were glitched or crafted before their disablement.
  • Unfortunately, a few items causing crashes had to be disabled, but we've managed to fix some issues.
  • Seeking feedback on "Dimensional Homes."

Global Improvements:

  • The ongoing issue with slow mob spawning has been mostly resolved.
  • Addressing Pets bugging out (pending restart).
  • The team has begun work on the new Hall of Fame and Claim Fees. Note: Claim fees are currently for informational purposes only to provide players with an idea of what to expect. We'll release a detailed announcement once claim fees are officially launched.