Introducing SpawnerExtractors

Posted by Dieu2 months ago

ExtremeCraft has just rolled out an exciting new feature—meet the SpawnerExtractor.


Curious about how it operates?

In a manner similar to ChestHoppers, the SpawnerExtractor is tailored for collecting items from farms. However, its unique focus lies in Spawners. Previously, players setting up farms using Spawners encountered challenges like crafting grinders, ensuring swift mob elimination, and navigating various intricacies.

Enter the SpawnerExtractor, solving these hurdles and minimizing lag caused by spawned mobs. Instead of the conventional spawn-and-kill process, SpawnerExtractors intercept every Spawner's attempt to spawn a mob, instantly eliminating it, and gathering drops on your behalf.

These Extractors exclusively capture spawns from Spawners within the same chunk and offer options to selectively capture specific mob types. Moreover, mob drops are managed as specified in the SpawnerExtractor's "Item Configuration." Prepare for a smoother, more efficient farming experience with SpawnerExtractors on ExtremeCraft!