HallOfFame, Towny updates and more!

Posted by Dieu1 month ago

Over the past few weeks, ExtremeCraft has undergone a series of updates, bug fixes, and enhancements to elevate your gaming experience.

Let's start with a significant change – the renaming of HallOfFame Weeks to Rounds. Each round now spans two weeks, offering a fairer competition window. The /halloffame command has been revamped to provide accurate information about the current HallOfFame season and round. As Towny Rounds come to a close in a few hours, rest assured that vouchers will be automatically distributed.

Automated announcements have been implemented to acknowledge and celebrate players who receive vouchers for their voting efforts.

In the Towny realm, Fly is now activated automatically, and we've removed the fly cooldown to prevent potential exploits. To enhance chat readability, we've excluded the nation name from the chat prefix. Additionally, Town Chat and Nation Chat functionalities have been fixed.

For Skyblock enthusiasts, numerous internal fixes and updates have been applied to ensure seamless gameplay.

SlimeFun has received multiple updates addressing issues related to disappearing and bugging items.

Our AntiCheat system has undergone refinements to address and fix some false positives. If any issues persist, please don't hesitate to contact us with clear examples of how to replicate them.

Due to potential abuse, the number of affected spawners has been removed from SpawnerExtractors.

A 2% fee has been introduced for the /withdraw command to prevent abuse, trolling, and spamming.

Crates have been fine-tuned to fix chance calculation issues where the GUI would display 0% for all items.

Globally, we've removed or fixed many unused features and code, including addressing Skull loading issues.

On the website front, we've overhauled and fixed numerous issues, resulting in faster loading times and an overall more user-friendly experience.