Factions updates, New Towny ranks! SpawnerDeobstructors and more...

Posted by Dieu1 month ago

Factions Server

  • SandBots Update: You can now toggle SandBots on and off. Additionally, each faction is limited to a maximum of 64 SandBots.
  • FactionShields: Shield duration has been reduced from 8 hours to 6 hours. We welcome suggestions, especially from new and smaller factions.
  • New Feature: FreeCam/Roam mode is now available and can be activated with the /freecam command.
  • Creeper Drops: Creepers now drop TNT, and there's a new recipe for Enchanted Golden Apples.
  • Claim Requirements: Chunks must be claimed for at least 48 hours to be included in the Hall of Fame score.
  • TNT Cannon Fixes: Issues with TNT cannons have been resolved (TNT will now load chunks)

Important Info on Faction Shields: While a faction's shield is active, explosions are disabled in its territory, preventing raids. To raid other factions during this time, you must unclaim your cannon.

Upcoming Feature: Due to players making spawners obstructed/unraidable, we are introducing the SpawnerDeobstructor item soon.

Towny Server

  • New Rank: A new CoMayor rank has been added, inheriting most permissions from the Mayor rank.
  • Economy Improvements: Enhancements have been made to the economy system.

Global Changes

  • CombatTag: Increased from 15 seconds to 20 seconds.
  • EnderPearl Delay: Now set to 10 seconds, with improvements to reduce glitches.
  • Shop Improvements: Commands, GUIs, and currencies have been revamped, along with better shop categories.
  • Drop Calculations Fixed: This should resolve issues with SpawnerExtractors not collecting enough loot.
  • Spawner Upgrades: Spawners can now be upgraded using Souls.
  • New Soul Pouches: We're rolling out new Soul Pouches!
  • Riptide Disabled: Riptide is disabled for CombatTagged players.
  • Performance: Addressed many lag and performance-related issues.