Factions update and Values rebalance

Posted by Dieu3 weeks ago

Hall of Fame Rebalancing

  • We are rebalancing Hall of Fame values. The reason for this is that solid blocks, while hard to raid, are not as rare or valuable as spawners. Spawners hold more practical value, even if blocks are raided in large quantities.

Spawner Drop Rate

  • The drop rate for spawners during explosions has been increased from 30% to 100%.

Combat Tagging Adjustment

  • Cobwebs are now disabled for players who are Combat Tagged.

New Rewards Command

  • We have added the /f rewards command. Use this to view all possible rewards for Supply Chests and Outposts.

SandBots, Generators and Patching abuse

  • A lot of players used SandBots to patch bases while being raided, as result we're removing Special Wall Generator that ignores nearby players.
  • SandBots are now represented as SandStone block, if SandStone is removed, SandBot will stop spawning block.
  • SandBots can be spawned only above solid blocks (16 blocks away or less).