Factions Server updates

Posted by Dieu3 weeks ago

Factions server faced a challenging start, with unexpected bugs and delays ranging from DDoS attacks by fellow players to migration issues from 1.8 and the old Factions plugin. However, we're pleased to report that most of these issues have now been resolved.

Issues such as the Infinite Buckets and Wall Generators have been addressed, and there have been significant improvements to the economy. Additionally, we're excited to introduce SandBots and a new Soul/Dust currency to ExtremeCraft in the near future.

As the grace period comes to a close, we've updated the rules accordingly, including regulations on raiding and disallowed cannons. For those eager to start cannoning, we've implemented measures such as disabling TNT stacking against WorldBorder and World Height to prevent abuse. Furthermore, TNT radius is now consistent, and TNT will not cause lava to explode or flow when pushed by water. Parity is enabled, and concrete will solidify in water.

In recent days, we've also implemented numerous updates aimed at reducing lag and addressing performance issues that players have been experiencing.