Factions Reset and Upcoming Changes

Posted by Dieu2 weeks ago

Due to recent exploits and glitches, the factions server has become ruined beyond repair, whether we consider a full rollback or trying to restore individual bases, which was our initial plan.

As a result, we've decided to reset Factions again on 12th of July.

To prevent such issues in the future, we will implement new backups that include full snapshots of all servers. In cases of glitches like pet/roam exploits, the entire server (map, inventories, userdata, everything) will be rolled back.

Additionally, we are considering removing SpawnerDeobstructors and splitting Factions into two servers: Factions and OpFactions.

Since this was another short-lived season, we will restore all tokens bought in this and the previous season. If there are any other issues we should address, please report them ASAP.