Creative Updates

Posted by NxDs2 years ago
It was about time to give Creative some love and here it is :sunglasses: [subtitle]MineCars[/subtitle] You can now race against others on our new MineCars! To use them you need to /vote or be a Hero+ rank.
Any minecart is a MineCar, just ride it and drive away

[subtitle]Marriages[/subtitle] We're stepping up our roleplay here, you can now marry other players with /marry!
Next to your name in chat will show up a heart and hovering it will show who you're married with, don't worry we will also remind you of your anniversary :winking_face: [subtitle]Spawn and PvP[/subtitle] Our builders provided us with a brand new Spawn and a brand new PvP arena [subtitle]Voting[/subtitle] Voting is now worth more! Each vote will grant you 1 hour of WorldEdit, 1 hour of /ase (more on this below), 1 hour of MineCars usage as well as the usual heads and money. [subtitle]Parkour[/subtitle] Prove your worth at /parkour, we prepared for you

-textPreviewEnd- [subtitle]Teleport Signs[/subtitle] Similar to the elevators that you all know but these are special, you place down 2 sign and they will link together, right clicking a sign will teleport you to the other!

[subtitle]Armor Stands Editor[/subtitle] Armor Stands are extremely versatile tools in Minecraft, today we're offering you a way to fully customize every single aspect of them: position, arms placement/visibility, body rotation and everything else.
Check how to use this with /ase (Hero+ or /vote to unlock) [subtitle]Elevators[/subtitle] The classical elevators that we all know, just place a sign with [elevator] in first line and UP or DOWN in second line [subtitle]Plot Lock[/subtitle] Keep out everyone who isn't trusted in your plot with /p lock! [subtitle]Special Blocks and Barriers[/subtitle] Straight from the builders server with this menu you can access all kinds of special blocks that you normally can't as well as barrier blocks. [subtitle]Greeting/Farewell[/subtitle] You can now set a greeting/farewell message for people entering and leaving your plot with /p flag set greeting and /p flag set farewell [subtitle]Plot Announcements[/subtitle] Plot owners are now able to send out title announcements to everyone present on their plot with /p announce !
You can disable these notifications from /sett [subtitle]Plot Likes and Dislikes[/subtitle] Whenever you fly by a plot that you enjoy you can drop a like with /p like (or if you don't like it anymore just /p dislike) [subtitle]CombatTag[/subtitle] As requested by many of you we added the combat tag in PvP [subtitle]Improved Sidebar[/subtitle] We also applied some minor improvements to the sidebar, now trusted players online will show on top and in green, players online and inside the plot will show up as light blue