Creative Server Update (Cannoning Features)

Posted by Dieu4 months ago

In preparation for the upcoming release of the Factions server, we're excited to introduce new Cannoning features now available for testing on our Creative server.

While we're considering expanding the number of plots in Creative for Cannon testing, we've decided to focus on testing Cannoning directly on the Creative server, as both environments share many similarities.

What's New? We've replaced the Creative .jar with a new .jar specifically designed for TNT Cannons. By default, explosions are disabled on creative. However, if you want to test your cannons, you can enable explosions using the /p gui command.

To streamline testing, we've introduced several new features:

  • /p tntfill: A command that fills all dispensers in the plot with TNT.
  • /bonetool: A special tool for quickly placing or removing sand or obsidian.
  • Protection Blocks: Currently, Emerald Blocks serve as protection blocks on creative, meaning explosions won't cause any damage if there are Emerald Blocks beneath them.