Claim Fees, Towny HOF, Skyblock Challenges and more...

Posted by Dieu1 month ago

The Claim Fees system has reached its finalization stage. In the upcoming server restart, players who have claimed more than 250k blocks will face the imposition of daily claim fees. Failure to meet these fees will lead to the expiration of all their claims, underlining the importance of managing land resources effectively.

A noteworthy addition to our Towny server is the introduction of the Hall of Fame. This exciting feature will commence this Friday, accompanied by a one-week grace period. Players are encouraged to strive for greatness within the Towny realm, with the Hall of Fame recognizing their achievements and contributions.

Skyblock enthusiasts will be delighted to hear about the incorporation of Challenges into the server. Players can now engage in a variety of challenges using the convenient /is challenges command. This addition aims to provide a fresh and dynamic dimension to the Skyblock gameplay experience, encouraging players to test their skills and creativity.

Our commitment to staying current extends to the Slimefun addons, which have been diligently updated. Furthermore, in response to player feedback and balancing considerations, we have made the decision to disable the LiteXpansion nerf. This adjustment is designed to enhance the overall experience and balance of the server.

Addressing concerns within the community, we are pleased to announce the successful resolution of the Drop Party issue. Players can now enjoy a seamless and glitch-free experience during these exciting events.

However, with the positive changes come challenges. The recent Minecraft 1.20.4 update has altered the way in-game items are handled. Consequently, some old items no longer stack, though they remain usable. Unfortunately, this change will impact player shops, requiring those using old items to undergo a reconstruction process. We understand the inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your patience as we adapt to these Minecraft updates.

In addition to the exciting enhancements and adjustments, we are pleased to inform our community that issues pertaining to Pets have been successfully resolved across all servers. Players can now enjoy a seamless and trouble-free experience with their beloved companions.

Lastly, we've made significant improvements to the Void Auctions system. We've revamped the functionality, enhancing notifications for a more seamless experience. Additionally, in response to user feedback and to promote a more dynamic auction environment, we've reduced the auction duration limit from 15 to 10 minutes.