BedWars Beta Server Release

Posted by Dieu3 weeks ago

We know we previously mentioned we wouldn't be hosting minigames on ExtremeCraft anymore, but due to popular demand, we've decided to give it another shot.

Today, we're excited to announce the release of our new BedWars server! Please note that BedWars is currently in Beta, so there may be bugs and issues.

If you encounter any, please report them so we can address them promptly. We're also open to your suggestions.

Other Updates

  • McMMO false positives have been resolved.
  • Shop prices should now remain in sync, and we've also buffed SkyBlock shops.
  • HallOfFame GUI has been enhanced.
  • Elytra handling has been improved and false positives have been fixed.
  • SkyBlock custom flags and settings should now function properly.
  • Factions: Explosions are now allowed at max Y level but not above the maximum Y level.
  • Cobwebs are now blocked in PVP, and Riptide handling has been improved.