Only submit this if your InGame account is banned.

If you believe you have been unfairly banned or that you deserve second chance (Why you feel you should be unbanned?), then this is the place for you to submit your ban appeal.

Things that will NOT help you get unbanned:
- Excuses, such as "I don't know why I'm banned, I have done nothing wrong!" or "My brother/sister/aunt/uncle/cousin/friend/... did it and I don't deserve to be banned."
- Lying, especially about (not) using hacked clients, x-ray, abusing chat and/or griefing.
- Making threats of any kind.
- Constantly asking about your Ban Appeal.
- Chat GPT appeals are not accepted.

When submitting ban appeal:
- Please remember that using correct grammar and being polite will result in you having a higher chance of getting unbanned.
- Do not post double/triple/... unban appeals (it won't help you).
- You can not post ban appeals for others. Everyone has to make its own ban appeal.
- Denied appealer must wait 7 days (after being denied) before submitting a new ban appeal.
- We reserve the right to revoke the unban at any point if you pose a threat to the peace of the community and in case of any kind of inappropriate behavior, regardless the first ban reason.

Oath of my appeal:
I solemnly swear that I shall abide by the rules and will never break them under any circumstances , I promise not to break any kind of the rules on ExtremeCraft anymore and not to pose a threat to the peace of the community. I have read the right of you revoking the unban, and I understand and will accept my ban revocation in case I did not respect this oath.

If your appeal is answered (your reply is needed) and you don't reply within a week, it will be rejected/closed and you'll have to make another one.


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