Re: How to get my own cb1 ?

I will help you. Cells are very rare on ExtremeCraft and are not really in circulation. If you want to get a cb1 you do /ah find rent (recommended number) 499999. You can also do /as buy (any price). The problem with is that as I said before cells are not really in circulation so u have to be lucky to find a cell that way. I would still recommend to do those two strategys every day to higher your luck.

Different ways of getting cells. The easiest way of getting a cell is the ask your friend (if u have one) to share their cell with you. All they have to do is do this command /as addfriend (player name). But if you don't want to share a cell or have no friends that trust you that have a cell, do this. This does not work to well but it still works, just buy a cell. cb1 cells usually sell for around 20 mil but you can get one for 1-5mi if you are lucky.

I recommend that you should do /ah find rent 499999 (don't do 500000) every day because that is how I got my cb2 which sell for around 200 mil.
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