Re: Restart?

Skygrid isn't big enough to make an OPskygrid, it will just reduce the number of player who are actualy playing skygrid. if you read the first post you'll see players want to reset skygrid beacuse people are too OP but if there is an OPskygrid ranked player will be OP instantly and an OPskygrid is kinda useless

Re: Restart?

Ivri22 wrote:Yes some players are OP (maybe too OP) but idk if you saw but there are often more than 40players in skygrid now if there is a restart players who start last 2weeks, not sure they want to reset all their hard work.
If there is a restart all things will be harder and when a member or donor will say " can you silk my spawner ?" we will probably just steal it if it's hard to find .
And OP players will just be OP again.
The server is in his better days i think, don't break that with a restart

I agree Even if there weren't any (too Op) people, just imagine all the hard work so many people have put into building. I think if you restart SkyGrid practically all that building was a waste of time.
I get unbanned... I try to help this server... What do I get in return? An insult. I already know I was stupid to download a client. I for sure don't need anyone's help telling me I'm stupid.

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