the lag is real+question

the beacons always not working and mob spawner wont work these days,our team need all do /lo to solve,can anyone answer me?it was very annoying
the question is how to make custom enchant on items(ex knockback 10 on a stick),and how to make a mcmmo ability item?

Re: the lag is real+question

You can get the higher level enchanting by using an enchanting table. However, the enchanting table (as far as I know) only gives up to level 8 enchants, so you'll have use 4 level 8 enchanted books and combine them in an anvil to make a level 10 (4 Level 8 -> 2 Level 9 -> 1 Level 10).
As for the mcmmo ability tool, when you right-click while holding a tool it should say "**YOU READY YOUR [tool]**". Then you left click to activate it, although it only lasts for a couple of seconds.
For the beacon/mob spawner problem, it's better for everyone near the spawners to go to spawn and stay there for a couple minutes. Then, when you go back, the spawners should be working.
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