Curtz1209's Application

InGameName: Curtz1209

Age: 21 Years

Where are you from: I live in the city of Pietermaritzburg, South Africa.

What languages do you speak: I am fluent in English and Afrikaans(which is fairly similar to Dutch and Flemish allowing me a basic understanding of these languages too)

Tell us a little bit about yourself: My real name is Curtley Govender, I am of Indian ethnicity. I am currently studying towards a Bachelor of Engineering Degree and am thoroughly enjoying it. I fill my spare time with Reading and Gaming which I consider two of my passions and I dabble in a bit of Electronics and Programming as a bit of a hobby. I live with my parents and one younger brother, who loves to game as much as I do.

How many hours can you contribute each day and which days: Weekdays: Depending on free time 1-3 Hours everyday and Weekends: 5+ hours per day.

How would you rate your behaviour in chat, and why (1 being bad, to 10 being flawless): I think I would be deserving of a 9. I am friendly and helpful to all players and never lose my temper or shout. I also never cuss or use derogatory words in my messages.

Any previous experience with any kind of moderation: Some experience as an Admin on a server we ran on our University campus 2 years ago. Server had approximately 50 regular players. No other experience. However I was a Prefect in High School if that can be counted as Moderating.

What has motivated you to apply for a staff position on ExtremeCraft: I have often noticed players asking for help during my play hours and sometimes I or another player is able to help them and sometimes the help they require can only be done by a Staff. I have also observed that while there may be staff members online at these times they are often AFK. I would like to apply for staff membership in order to fill the gap in terms of online hours so that players will be able to always receive the help they needd.

Why should we choose you to become a JrHelper: From observation my play hours often falls into a staff blackout, where no other staff is responsive due to work or sleep. I am helpful and friendly and love to see people achieve what they have set out to do. I want to help in making the server a friendly environment and keep it clean so that all users can enjoy the best experience.

In what ways could you positively contribute to the community: By providing an unbiased approach to offenders, and warning any wrong doers regardless of their affiliation to me. Providing helpful tips and guides to new players and being a library of information to veteran players.

Do you agree to help any and all players who request your assistance, even if you are not accepted? Explain why this is important: Yes I do. As it currently stands I already strive to help any player in need even though I am not a staff. It is important to me that I help people so that we can all learn together. There are often times when helping someone that I find myself also learning from their mistakes. I also hope that should my application be declined, continuing to help people will assist me in any reapplication that I make.

Any additional informational you'd like to add: I am mostly active on the Survival server, but do switch between the others for Vote key Trading. I do love Hide and Seek as well. Honesty and Trust are my strong suits and I hope to join the staff team on this wonderful server. Thank you for reviewing my Application.

Declaration by the candidate:
I hereby declare that all the particulars stated in the application are true to the best of my knowledge and belief. I have read the admission procedure from the above post and i shall abide by the terms and conditions therein. In event of suppression or distortion of any information provided in my application form, I understand that my admission to the staff team is liable to be cancelled. I also understand that the decision of the authorities regarding my application will be final and i shall abide by their decision. Further, if admitted, I promise to abide by the rules and regulations as applicable during the course of my staff duration.
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Re: Curtz1209's Application

BruteWarrior wrote:
Trapper1 wrote:Shortlisted dude but next time put some info about your self :D

You don't have the authority to shortlist or even judge applications.

Brute, he not supposed to get a warn for that?

twisterthing wrote:Lacking information, add more info.
The colors are hurting my eyes lol btw xD

Dude go read the forum rules quick and then come back here, check your comment and see that you also need a forum warn, you guys seriously need to READ THE RULES --------> viewtopic.php?f=50&t=35964

Also, nice app Curtz1209 :D :male:
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