slabs37's Builder Application

InGameName: slabs37
Where are you from: iran
Your Timezone (GMT):+4:30
Tell us a little bit about yourself:i'm a kind kid who jokes around and follows orders XD
What languages do you speak:english,persian
When did you start playing Minecraft: around 2015
How long does your building experience extend?since i started playing minecraft
Do you have a specific style of building (medieval, elven, modern, etc.) If yes, what is it?no i will build anything you say :D
How many hours can you contribute each day and which days:it depends if i have a exam or i'm banned from the computer :P
Below provide the screenshots or videos of your previous creations :
Any additional informational you'd like to add:i'm also good with commands :P
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Re: slabs37's Builder Application

pretty sure you have to be 16
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Re: slabs37's Builder Application

slabs37 wrote::( i just wanted to help :(
i guess in 2 years.... (the minimum age is 13 (i just looked that up))

Everyone keeps getting this wrong the age to apply for builder is 13 and the age to apply for server staff is 16. Don't worry man gl

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Re: slabs37's Builder Application

MirceaTr wrote:Sorry but you have insufficient information and you aren't meeting the required age to apply so sorry ..

Gl still i guess ....

NxDs is cool

Please stop going around staff applications and replying to them with the intent of critisization, it's an offense, you know.
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