Hackers in OPsurvival

I noticed a lot players accusing one another in chat lately. Accusing someone for hacks in global chat is not allowed. Therefore I want everyone who sees a hacker in OPsurvival to mail me in OPsurvival. do /mail send Arie010 hackersname, what hacks he uses. I will keep track of everyone being reported to me and I will keep an eye out to get proof of them hacking so they can get banned.

Wanna help me getting the hackers banned? you can Always download some recording software and upload the video to YouTube and report that hacker.

Thank you for reading.

Let me know if you got any questions.

Re: Hackers in OPsurvival

Atlanticore wrote:nice idea Arie :D
just tell me a good recording app name :S

Fraps is a suggestion :)
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