Re: Give away donor rank or more awesome stuff!

IGN: Ocean_Panda (But you can call me Ocean :sheepish: )

Why you want rank kits...etc...: Well, I've been playing on this server a lot lately and I want a little change, something to spark up the mood! Cool little gadgets here and there, that's what makes stuff exciting! Exploring new possibilities is the key to a successful life and a brightened up future. I'm actually a donator myself, I'm an MVP and I own an Inferno title. I would really like this because it brightens up my day, just playing with cool little stuff that add up to a very big thing at the end, the big thing is actually the gift of joy, the gift that most people don't really know how to treasure. Me on the other hand, I spend my time wisely, I don't actually believe in failure because I know the little voices, they can make it major. There's nothing called losing, it's called trying out new things. I've been wanting a bat pet on this server for such a massive amount of time, and now that I'm getting the opportunity, I won't held back and waste it! I would highly appreciate it if you would take me into consideration, thank you very much for reading my application, and have a wonderful day! If perhaps you pick me, I would appreciate it if you could get me the bat pet, for I think flying around would be spectacular! Have a wonderful day, and don't forget, losing isn't real, it's exploring new possibilities, don't feel upset when people let you down, in reality, you're the one with the upper hand, feel proud of yourself! ;-)

Good luck to all the participants! ^_^

Signing out, Ocean :)
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Re: Give away donor rank or more awesome stuff!

SummerLifeShine wrote:
PerZ wrote:Well I don't know if you're still giving away after the 75% discount but well..
Why you want to have kits etc.: Well if I were to have kits I would like it to be Kit SpawnEggs in RPG since it would be of great help after the restart. If kits are not possible then I guess I would go with either the Squid Pet or the LaggOP title. Why do I want the pet you may ask? I would l love to have a squid that walks besides me whenever i hop from server to server. (They could fly too I think) As for the title, the LaggOP title is both noticeable and chat and perfectly fitting while I am playing.

I think you suppose to have 1 thing from him?

Ah yes, pardon me for making it sound like I want all of it. What I was trying to say was that I wanted either one of the ones I have stated above if I were to win. (Rather unlikely, I'm unlucky with giveaways and raffles; last time I won a raffle I got a shirt that's not even my size)
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Re: Give away donor rank or more awesome stuff!

IGN: PikavoltHavoc

Why you want rank kits...etc...: I want donor rank please. It would be an honor to donate for this server in the hands of others. It's most likely, we both want to donate for this server. Except I can't and you can! I would love using the commands as it helps a lot and it'll be very good for me. Thanks for doing this!
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Re: Give away donor rank or more awesome stuff!

IGN: xLazyAngel
Why i want donor rank: i want ranks because i really love this server and i only have Mastercard ( no paypal and other stuff :() and i want world edit and some new kits because i'm working hard in prison to get my free rank but i'm lagging so i just pretty much gave up. And i know i shouldnt :P I also want donor because it would Help me LIKE ALOT and i would like double rewards and everyone one i know has a rank so it would make my day, make my year really bright and happy. :)
So, overall thank you, and (PLEASE PICK ME D: wait, did i just say that (no i didn't) buuuuuuut
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Re: Give away donor rank or more awesome stuff!

ExtremePerfect wrote:So alot people did giveaway or things like i will only be giving 2 donor rank or pets,kit and legendary crate and even more!

You need to fill in this.


Why you want rank kits...etc...:

I will be selecting 2 people to win the giveaway!
(Clue...Write as many word and make sure the word isn't simple.)

Good luck to you all!

me i REALY VERY wnt bro plzz
ign: XxGhost_MafiaxX
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Re: Give away donor rank or more awesome stuff!


Why you want rank kits...etc...:
I want to have fun in skyblock with a rank or a pet or maybe a title.... since there are a lot of scammers who wouldn't let anyone enjoy this game
It would be nice to have a title or a pet or smth since i cant buy anything cuz i don't have a credit card... <<<(that doesnt mean i am 10 years old XD i am 15 :sheepish: )
and HOLY there have been alot of giveaways on YouTube, forums, or other games i always participate but I never win.. and winning here would be amazing !! :yawn:
and what i would like to have: Donor or VIP rank or a pet bat maybe cuz they are cute XD or a spawn eggs kit? that would help ALOT after the reset in skyblock and will help alot of people cuz i will be giving away some eggs in sky block (if i got it of-course) or just a title ! (Senpai title is cute XD)

and bro if i won.. that would be the best thing ever happened this year! #Best_in_2017
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