Re: Give away donor rank or more awesome stuff!

IGN: ejforbes

Why you want rank kits...etc...: Well honestly I can't decide do I want the Wither Pet or an VIP rank. So if you choose me it will be fun to try and surprise me by choosing one of those and buying me it *I know you can't buy them both but if you can it would be great* ^^ Well now the question why - well I once had a pet *someone else bought it for me* and it turned out that that player just came here to buy people things and chargeback later *chargeback is an insta ban* And my pet was taken away. Now why do I want the VIP rank - well the main reason is because of the perks you get with it - being an Donor and being an VIP is so different.
Good Luck to everyone who 'applied' to this giveaway but hopefully I win :D Thanks!
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Re: Give away donor rank or more awesome stuff!


Why i want to win: what I need and why: (SkyBlock)
1. I want a title so bad!! I want to be noticeable in chat. I dont want people to be ignoring me anymore ^^
2. I want /kit spawn eggs because I cant play everyday BECAUSE MY LIFE SUCK and having kit spawn eggs will help me get through the skyblock server fast! and I can help a lot of people! especially newcomers
3. Donor or VIP Rank: being a vip? omg thats the coolest thing every i can silk spawners and never have to call other VIPs to silk my spawners and steal them!
and the /pv ! OMG this thing is so cool i can out my stuff there quickly in i fell out of the world in skyblock!
4. A pet.. WITHER alot of people show off there wither pets in lobby ! that is so frustrating when u know that u cant buy one (like me).. they can fly,, THEY CAN FLY how awesome is that? or maybe a cute little bat pet


Re: Give away donor rank or more awesome stuff!

IGN: coolboy23

Why you want rank kits...etc...:
i hope if you rank me up to VIP :( i want to /afk cause i have spawners and i can't use it like like vip+ players
I'm Donor now , it will be really a sup for my friends if i got VIP rank it would be really amazing news!
I wish you pick me
GoodLuck to evreyone :D
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Re: Give away donor rank or more awesome stuff!

Well Thanks for Doing this at first :D and Good Luck To all :D

IGN : the_ratatouille

Why you want rank kits...etc...: Hello, Im currently VIP, and so badly need a rank up to MVP so I could use the command /sell & and /skull ,because since i /afk alot There is many things to sell, So it will be a time saver to me and so that I could /afk more and earn more faster. Since the 75% off Thingy Is Over , rank upgrade from VIP-MVP is pretty Much Expensive, But I surely will be grateful to you If it is possible for me to get ranked to MVP :) That's All I want and Thank you so much for doing this giveaway

[VIP] the_ratatouille
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Re: Give away donor rank or more awesome stuff!

Why You Want Rank,Kits..Etc: So I Have a lot of problems in Purchasing a Rank Such as Payment issues Etc.. I'm Currently VIP My Friend Bought it For me. So I'm Asking you to Upgrade me to MVP. Because it has lot of Cool Stuff like /skull,/ext Etc. And WE Stuff to help People in Building...I Really Have lot of issues with Paypal,Payment Wall. Because in India We need International Transfer.. Only Rare People Has it.. My Bad Luck i don't Have it. Even My Parents Agreed.But This Payment Issues.and also When i saw This Post i was like What the Hell? Really Free Ranks?. Your Really generous and Kind Person.And I'm Really Surprised of your Kindness and Pity.. I Won't Forget This Moment If i Win This Giveaway. This will be My Most Happy Day In My Life. I Hope you understand My Problems and Difficulties.
and also 75%Offer Is Over :( i can't buy a rank anymore.Good luck to all who are participating in this give away. I Would Like to Thank you all of you for reading My Post.And If i don't Win It's Okay If we Keep Trying We can achieve anything.Thank you all and Have a Nice Day.

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Re: Give away donor rank or more awesome stuff!

IGN: ebsan_neon
I want a wither pet as it is cool and fascinating and that its name will be on the screen and which I can fly with in the lobby which will be really good. (Btw I have Legend rank and enderman pet but my parents wont be my anything on the internet for more than 1 year now.) I'm not going much in detail but its a simple request and I hope I win.

Good Luck To All!!

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Re: Give away donor rank or more awesome stuff!

IGN: AntiStrike

Why you want rank kits...etc...: I'm hero and ex-staff , I would like kit spawn eggs on OpSkyblock since you can make good money from it like make spawners etc.. I like events , it's just a nice way to donate to the server . Also can't buy any ranks so I would appreciate buying it for me or even to the winners, this is all I pretty much have to say, thank you.
Good luck everyone!
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