Re: So Many WhySo's

KingsPvPx wrote:
RandomizE wrote:
vismokely wrote:
meybe some fans like NxDs fans
i dont know for really....

The First WhySo Is WhySoSerious Soo Maybe They Want The WhySo Reputation Alive :P I Don't Freaking Know.


But to be honest the server should just go ahead and make a WhySo title you can buy in shop so people wont have to change their names

Even if they did, I would still keep the nickname <3

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Re: So Many WhySo's

RandomizE wrote:Said In The Title. Since WhySoSerious Left The Server, Alot Of People Are Naming Or Renaming Themselves With The "WhySo" Word Like: WhySoExtreme, WhySoQueeny, WhySoNxDs And ETC. Not That I'm Complaining, I'am Just Asking. XD

but still. no one can re-place the real WhySoSerious
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Re: So Many WhySo's

AB2006COOLBOY wrote:I agree with you KingPvPx they should add a WhySo Title and then you can pick what word you want in the WhySo Title and then if that happened then Juliana2222 would stilll be herself and then she will have a WhySoInnocent title and not have to buy a Username change ticket because I know Juliana2222 bought a username change ticket to change her user to WhySoInnocent instead of getting a title named WhySoInnocent which WhySo Titles should exist. (I saw this current post on forums and I hope it is a current topic so I am not necroposting) :D

I get what you mean but I like more WhySoInnocent then Julianna2222 lol.
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Re: So Many WhySos

Your welcome WhySoNxDs you are an NxDs nXDs XD like CharasNxDs NxDsarah NxDs WhSoInnocent you should have kept your user as Juliana2222 lol cuz I'm gonna call you Juliana still XD:D get it XD in NxDs that's what CharasNxDs says XD! YAY! :D{/color}

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