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Ahm... you forgot one of the newest members of the WhySo clan. WhySoMatrix ;-)
This clan is getting annoying, the Milotic clan got extincted, and now this?! Some Milotics still remain, although I murdered most of them in my basement. I hope I don't have to do the same with the WhySo clan...

Milotic clan leader: MadMilotic (Clan is almost extinct, I need all of your help to murder the remaining members, including the leader)

WhySo clan leader: WhySoSerious (Missing. Prize: $1,000,000. If found, I want him alive, I want to finish him myself for creating this clan)

NxDs clan leader: NxDs (Yep... the newest clan on the street. Not many members are in it (Skyrim, Chara, Sara, and a few others), but they're one of the strongest clans known to man. This clan includes Nxdsara, which I believe is they're clan's agent. Beware of her, she might seem friendly at first, but she is writing down every single movement you make. And as for they're leader, he's a tough guy to beat. We need to out-smart him. Here's the plan, I've heard in his free time he plays with his little teddy bear, he named it Snuggle Muffin. I've heard rumors that he keeps Snuggle Muffin safe and locked up in his basement, Skyrim and Chara are guarding it. While NxDs is working on coding and being as smexy as ever, we need to put sleeping gas in the basement so Skyrim and Chara fall asleep, the sleeping gas only works for an hour, so we need to work quick. Now we need someone in our mission who is good with opening locks, so that we can steal the Snuggle Muffin. Once we get Snuggle Muffin, we dig our way out of the basement, I have the pickaxe ready. So once NxDs comes back from work, he'll go to pick up Snuggle Muffin because he loves it. If he sees Skyrim and Chara sleeping on the job, he'll murder both of them. Because he cares way too much about his little Snuggle Muffin. So that's 2 members down, now we have 2 to go. The leader and agent, NxDs and Sara. Once NxDs realizes Snuggle Muffin is stolen, he's obviously going to commit suicide! So that's the leader down. Now we need to take care of the agent, Sara. She hides in a secret base, far far into the mountains of the land name ExtremeCraftia. She lives right on the mountain tip, so that's going to be a challenge for all of us. Sara is the smartest in the clan, so we need to have stealth. She's weak, but has a brain that could be 1000x smarter than Albert Einstin. So if we just hike up the mountain by helping each other, we can go to the back of her cottage, and inside her farm. She has a window open in the back of her cottage so that she can keep watch of her cattle. Since she is smart, she owns a gigantic math textbook. And since she is weak, all we have to do is crawl in through the back window, some of our members should stay outside to keep watch just in case, so the people inside should all help each other hold the giant textbook and throw in on Sara's face. That's it. She's dead. So I need all of your help! Join my mission! Destruct the NxDs clan! Make world peace!)

So are you guys with me or not?! We need to destroy the NxDs clan, it's a virus! In reality, they're plotting to take over the world! And as for the Milotic clan and the WhySo clan, we'll deal with them later, we have bigger tasks on hand! So are you all ready? The whole server need to work as a team to destroy the clans once and for all! :sheepish:
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*This was just a joke, no offence to any of the player's that I mentioned above*
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Re: So Many WhySo's

I just posted that and you just saw it and responded.. XD :D there is MadMilotic UnknownMilotic PrincessMilotic there should be a WhySoPrince and a WhySoMilotic and a PrinceMilotic QueenMilotic SnowWhiteMilotic SnowMilotic QueenMilotic KingMilotic SuperMilotic AB2006Milotic AB2006COOLBOYMILOTIC AB2006CoolMilotic TownMilotic CityMilotic LuxuriousMilotic they should start a lot of HUGECITIES to like COOLHUGECITY AMAZINGHUGECITY AwesomeHugeCity HouseMilotic PoorMilotic RichMilotic ApartmentMilotic FlowerMilotic WhySoManyMilotics WhySoManyWhySos MiloticMilotic SoManyMiloticsMilotic MadWarner AwesomeWarner

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