I was Banned

In Game Name:GeneTheGamerBoy

Date of ban:January 10 2017 PHT (Philippines Time)

Why Were You Banned? (Hacks, etc): I was apparently using Kill aura hacks even though I am not using kill aura. I was banned permanently because I was accused of this type of hack

Why Do You Think You Should Be Unbanned?: I think that I should be unbanned not just because I love this server but I think it is unfair that the Admin or Mod that banned me did not have insufficient proof that I used kill aura.

Anything Else You'd Like To Admit?: If I had the motive to hack I should have hacked last month or last 2 months ago, I have been playing in this server for about 4-3 months already I hope you can consider this Ban Appeal and thank you for making the server very fun.

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