I made a mistake.

*Name* _EllieFox_

*December 24th 2016*

*Banned for: Being inappropriate, swearing and having alts*

*Unban reason: I miss my friends and I want a second chance*

*I did have my sister afk at my spawner for me and I regret it. it was not me though because I know its against the rules*

I won't swear anymore I promise. I Have been accused of having alts but that is not true, My sister *Meowitsella* Is really my sister I can even give you proof.. Idk how but I will, Just tell me a way how to and I will. I know throughout the time I have played on Extreme-craft I have been rude and I have been swearing but I can change that. I spent all my money for a rank for this server because It has been the best server I have every played on. I have met so many friends on this server and I would really like to see them again. Please consider letting me play on this amazing server again.
Sincerely -EllieFox. Thank you for your time reading this.
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