AcidIsland Suggestions

You can post under here all your suggestions to improve /go acidisland server!
We'll try to review them when we get the chance, please don't bump your suggestions!
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Re: AcidIsland Suggestions

How about a reset? I know that Acidisland has just reseted last April(?), but it definitely needs more players. Another thing this server needs right now are spawners in shop. It has been pretty hard getting spawners other than the ones from other people and the ones from the nether. It would be nice if spawners are added like before even if the price is raised; after all, not everyone has access to /ps.
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Re: AcidIsland Suggestions

I also think a reset will decrease the players again, The players are building up again. I am playing again. Make a broadcast that says, Acidlsland is fun! Come and play! /go Acidisland. Make a kit killed kit buildup, Only for acidisland. That can be used once. It will give u some stuff to build. With a guid how u can make money and build a decent island. If u want to i would write that guide for u all. In that kit there will be some stuff that u will need to build up your island (faster).

When the other Acid got reset, I was like, not gonna play there. Allot of players had that. I was kinda broken. Worked so hard for my island. Now i am pretty op again, i work allot for my island. And i started just like everyone else, Only i found out cactus made allot of money. So i made a cactus farm. Easy as that. With money you can make your island. I want to help every new player. I have without making jokes 'too much money' I have around 50 million and i make each night (without getting kicked)
8-12 million. I want to help the new players.

Also you could add Mcmmo to make it more fun!

Maybe if other staff mebers will come and play. There will be more players following them.

I hope this helps.


Acid has to live!

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