Hi I was playing the game and I was flying around the map with my pet bat then I accidently went into the wall of the map (the globe/wall that you cant go out of) and then i got stuck and it keeps saying "cant teleport when falling" its really annoying because when I do /ai or /is it wont let me and if i move it kicks me for "flying"
please help
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Re: AcidIsland

anthony_maalouf wrote:Try to um.. Wait.. Staff members will solve this i think so.. And
Atlantisitachi wrote:u can fly?
he have a pet.. Can't u read? Go learn to read then come post

thank you for reading and THINKING about it :P
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Re: AcidIsland

Atlantisitachi wrote:well am not have a pet cuz am not rich so idk that have a pet can make u fly...

First learn to type and then delete the part where you said Im not rich so idk because im not rich either but I saved my own money and bought it so yeah....
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Re: AcidIsland

whatever u want to say...its just my opinion ...and im used to using shortform......if u want helper to help u sort things out go open a tickets or report.
There will be no one helping u even if u post here

Btw for those guys post up there , pls be more thoughtful of other's feeling and pls be polite , sometimes u might have hurt somebody's feeling...words that u guys used are kinda rude

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