Someone has been stealing from me...


Recently it came to my attention that someone had been stealing from my chests on FlowPower's island (I'm a part). Is there any way to check find logs of who checked certain chests? Because I lost a lot of valuable items, and it's very irritating that I don't know who it was. This is basically griefing and I can't do anything about it because someone could have just been cooped and just stole my stuff or someone on my own island has been taking my things (the items are nowhere to be found). Also, items in general are disappearing my island and there's no way to find out what happened. This has upset me, because also people can just join an island to grief it without consequences.


Re: Someone has been stealing from me...

kawaiirika wrote:I mean, this wouldn't go in reports to address your first question. Also, It was around 3-4+ double chests worth of stuff. Not all of that can fit into an enderchest. Nonetheless, it is still stealing right?

Yea it's stealing, what else will it be, taking something behind your back with permission? XD

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