Re: AcidIsland RESET(?) Discussion!

getkop wrote:Vishnu

People put alot of Effort and time on thier island

And you might lose more people that the people you might gain

You know my island right Vishnu?,

I have alot of good memories there and i know its only a game but Its not just a game for me
because of acidisland i gain friends and enemies....

And When i go to my Main island and go through the floor that you and Boofhead have stayed in
I always remeber that time.....when i ask you guys to join my guys gave me banners that spell your's and booghead's name

The creeper farm i have.....i used to ask Golden to mine them before.....

That island is very special to me..

because of that island i have my friends.....

My friends who are there when i got griefed

my friends who helpt me out when i need it

pls dont reset it

i know im over acting but its true

Everytime im sad in my real life stuff..

i'll go to acidisland...
work on my island,pvp..or chat with my friends

when i look at my island it makes me happy cause in my mind it says that i made this island....
i have good memories on this island....

Everytime my parents fight or my siblings fight

i will go to acidisland and play there

it makes me happy.....

So please dont EVER reset our island

Heres a Strawpoll

pls vote

But, imagine how much fun you've had, imagine, all that fun over again, being one of the players from the start, with a better economy, and more players!
A brand new Spawn, and Shop! Less lag when you're PvPing... I know it's hard to say good bye to all your work, but, think of what's best for the server...
Don't you think a restart is what this server needs? Don't you think it's time to just let go? Start the fun over again...
It's hard to think of all the hours you've spent in it, but, you know, you had fun in those hours, did you not? So, it wouldn't exactly be wasted, would it?
Just try to see the good in this, please.... It could benefit the server immensely... So please everyone, consider the good in this change...
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Re: AcidIsland RESET(?) Discussion!

I think restarting would be really fun. It would give me a chance to start over, use a different strategy, and play more to help beastslayer55 make our island. I can spend more time on acidisland because it will be more fun again, and I just really think that a restart will be interesting.

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