Videos for all the game

Add videos on the website to explain every games

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1 week ago by xDemiGod for Website



Can you add Voucher Euro at store?
Its good to save our money/euro at store

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2 weeks ago by ABCokU for Website



I GOT BAN SINCE TOO LONG AND APPEALED SINCE 1MONTH AND HYPER (THE GAY) DON'T WANT TO UNBAN ME EVEN THAT HE BANNED ME FOR 100% NOTHING (he screenshared me just to ask me if i have 2 alts and i told him that my bro made them out of my permission -what makes me no longer in need to SS since i admitted that they are on PC- and he BANNED ME FOR REFUSING TO SCREENSHARE AND NEVER READ MY APPEAL YET.. See more

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2 weeks ago by YOYO96GAMER for Website


ban appeal

if everyone can make ban appeal so add a new feature that we can upvote or downvote their appeals like suggestions

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2 weeks ago by __Mettaton_NEO__ for Website



I HIGHLY suggest putting the discount back on the store. How do you expect kids to purchase at these high rates? I am NOT a kid, and even I wont buy anymore keys/rank at these prices. I keep seeing players talk about how this server is dead. I am new, but my suggestion is, to keep current players, and also lure new ones here, make it more affordable by offering the discounts on purchases. Thank .. See more

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2 weeks ago by 4tris004 for Website



Return the 50% discount at least

#9113 - Status: open

3 weeks ago by Shrewd_G for Website


Perks and knowing

It will only be better if there is a websitr/link or even a option where can we view what perks/rank we have . because i forget what title and pets or lobby perks do my account have as i came back to play minecraft extremecraft after like months/years

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1 month ago by Ernestlyj for Website


Anti Spam/Sabotage for suggestions system

There is lot of alters that they spamming inappropriate suggestions in the website everyday
And there is a high chance the amount of website saboteurs increase day by day.
So I suggest you to add an anti alt system for the ec's website, that only whoever joined server about above 1 month, can make suggestions.
And the banned players whoever got banned permanently don't have permission.. See more

#8994 - Status: open

1 month ago by Omega_Era for Website


Store payment method

Hello There ! I'm here to tell you that , Can you pls fix/add the xSolla payment method ? So that I can buy ranks , titles ! I have already submitted this suggestion , But it didn't showed In 'your suggestions' section , So If you already saw my other suggestion , Then kindly ignore this !
Thank You !

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2 months ago by TestChoco69 for Website



it is PinkBearBoi, well i am from iraq and i have a payment issue
i cant buy from the store my only method was xsolla and it is not there anymore and i cant buy anything anymore
paysafe ,paymentwall ,paypal
are all unfortunetly blocked in my country :(
so i suggest if u add xsolla again or add more ways to pay ;D!

#8896 - Status: open

2 months ago by PinkBearBoi for Website


Just read πŸ“–

When i apply and get rejected i can apply after 2 days no after 1 month

and when i applied to get unbaned it takes 1 week like your server is good but your not god thats alot of wast like i mean i have wasted like 2 monthes playing the server and 3 monthes waiting for answers or appling and like

what the hell is ban evaiding its nothing just to say your banned

after like 10 years of .. See more

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2 months ago by YASSIN5665 for Website


LLL you gay


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3 months ago by IamCatMeoww for Website


Bug test please delete once you read and fix it

Ig I can dupe suggestions with smith but I'll report it if worked don't worry

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4 months ago by YOYO96GAMER for Website


Suggestion New Category

Remove Improvements and add retrogression category
Cause There is no Improvements on this server
So if you add it, we can report retrogressions. lol

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4 months ago by X_WarriorKing_X for Website


Further information regarding server resets.

Hello. I would like to suggest the website to include detailed information on server resets. I have tried to find it by looking through other people's suggestions in the hopes of gleaming some info, but I found very few. I only play on Survival and didn't even know about it until a week into the game when I just happened to catch someone mentioning it. Even then it was rather vague as if.. See more

#8693 - Status: open

4 months ago by Duetva for Website


Suggestion Viewers (Extremecraft Job)

Recently there have been loads, I mean DOZENS of suggestions unanswered, so what I'm saying is, maybe there should be something like a suggestion viewer, People who check suggestions and have options to: shortlist, close, accept, reject, or literally tell the owner/head-administrator about and/or the benefits of the suggestion, and after the action was taken by the suggestion viewer, (depend.. See more

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5 months ago by FlameyosFlow for Website



Add an IP on you're website or some other server list website like
and add it in you're server too, 'cause it won't work with just random IP


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5 months ago by Emico_ for Website


The unneeded voting on suggestions.

Voting on suggestions is pointless. theres a suggest that i wont name that got 160 likes and was denied for no reason. it had proper points and everything. there has been a suggestion that got mass disliked and accepted. i mean whats the point in being able to vote on suggestions if it doesn't impact the chance of it being accepted or not. and if its there for ur own personal use then that m.. See more

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6 months ago by SilaNz for Website


Karma leaderboards

I suggest that you should add leaderboards for karma so people that have good behavior (ie. Not having offenses, voting, being respectful to people in the community.) would be rewarded for it.

#8497 - Status: open

6 months ago by SithV1 for Website


Beginner's Guide

Under the section More Info, servers, for each server/minigame create a beginner's guide that will help new comers understand the concept of each server and minigame.

#8481 - Status: open

6 months ago by NotableOne05 for Website



add Plugin Suggestions
in website add a special Suggestions for plugin maybe players has some good idea
like lobby Musics can be listenable in surv/prison/more.....

#8477 - Status: open

6 months ago by Ac_Milan for Website


new feature?

i think it would be good if you added a way so that players could reply to the suggestions given by other players in website. idk if its possible or not added because it will be too much to read or just forgot about it. some times people put like many things like 1. i want this 2. don`t want that... etc inside 1 suggestion. if u add replies people can say point 8 is good 2 is bad etc

#8454 - Status: open

7 months ago by bowXfire for Website


unban all

unban everyone 2 years a time

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7 months ago by Abcd312 for Website


Just a Suggestion.

Hallo! I am HoneyDce.
I have a suggestion.
Since our friends whom we have might have not seen in a long time change their name without us knowing it, Why not add a search column in "Username Changes" so search for old usernames of people?

In the Search, suppose someone can write "HelloYoungMan" (My old name) Then it will show my new name (HoneyDce) So that they can finally interact again.

#8237 - Status: open

8 months ago by JapHere for Website


Your Website

Hello my suggestion is to fix your website becouse its really slow (atleast the leaderboards) the rest is fine tho ;)

Thank you!


#8204 - Status: open

8 months ago by _Kapslock_ for Website