Change the button "buy 576x" on /shop

I'm a new player in Skygrid and I accidentally bought almost 60000$ worth of magma blocks with a misclick. I only wanted to buy a few and I ended up with 3 stacks of useless blocks I couldn't even sell again, and no money. Thanks to voting I know I can get back the same amount of money the next day but I'm stuck for today which is a bit bothering. A similar thing happened yesterday with cactus and I do not think I'm the only one who had this problem (even if I admit I'm a bit clumsy...)

My suggestion is to remove the "buy 576x" button (ONLY FOR SOME UNCOMMON ITEMS, i'm not talking about dirt, wood and food for instance), or to lower the amount. I can also suggest allowing us to buy a custom quantity, or adding a confirmation message when buying a significant amount of items, if possible with the current plugin.
Also I have not been in every gamemode yet, but if there is another /shop command that works the same way there, I'll have the same suggestion.

Thank you for reading

#9876 - Status: open

3 weeks ago by KikooEnPantoufle for Improvements