Ban Accusers

Accusers are the most common rule breakers and annoying in the game and it ruins the enjoyable game from new players
You should ban accuser from the game so we can have a peace
for example I know a guy called Stealth_Banana08 is getting accused of so many random shits all day and one of those accusers called TixneLL
this guy is just jealous of Stealth_Banana08 and he tries to put some accuses on him and gets him false banned
Or another guy called WildCatMjauu accused every player in the game for being alter and scammer and thankfully himself got banned.
You should add a higher punishment for accusers in the server like 1 week mute/tempban/ban

#9804 - Status: rejected

1 week ago by SlotzS for GameModes

Answer: Rejected

Invalid suggestion / inappropriate suggestion / missing information. Please submit new suggestion with all required information if this is still an issue.

3 days ago by 1pDs