EC is not what it used to be.

Me and my brother used to play EC all day long during the past few years, but stuff happened that made us and thousands of others player quit. It was the community. Toxic people everywhere, scamming, unfair competition. Even most of the staff is really toxic. It's the main reason EC went dead. CoVID killed off a lot of servers which used to be popular but some are still thriving because they listen to the community. Community here used to be nice. buts its gone now. Owners didn't care, staff abused powers. I dont think EC will be known for what it used to be, all because of poor decisions of the higher ups and the toxic community. More people used to be banned daly than those who were new. People were bullied by everyone. Higher ranked people looked down upon others. AFAIK a person even turned off themselves (you know who I am talking about), and the EC staff didnt even give fair punishment to the people who led to that. Only a 4 months ban, this is just one of the examples. It won't be the same again. Better to just stop the server.

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1 month ago by Mvhamed for General